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Spiritual Gifts

If I were to ask you what your spiritual gifts are, how would you react? Maybe you would go still, saying "Uhhh..." I think that's the majority. What if I were to ask you what your hobbies are? Would your answer change? I think it would. The thing is, your spiritual gifts ARE your hobbies.… Continue reading Spiritual Gifts

How To

How To Be Saved

Do you recognize Jesus Christ as your one true Savior? That right there is the most important question you will ever be asked. What did you answer to it? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me tell you right now: maybe is a no. If you answered yes, are you living like it? Are you acting the… Continue reading How To Be Saved


The Christmas Story: My Version Part 2 (The Finale)

A young shepherd by the name of Jonathan sat on the grass, watching the sheep. His father was deathly ill, so it was his responsibility to take care of the sheep now, being that he was the eldest (and only) son. He was only fifteen. He wasn't ready for this. Not the job, specifically. He… Continue reading The Christmas Story: My Version Part 2 (The Finale)